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About LiveWell

Nakheel is committed to foster wellness communities to bring together people who share common goals, interests, and experiences in proactively pursuing well-being across its many dimensions.


LiveWell with Nakheel is series of health and wellness activations. We started this initiative with monthly events focusing on different wellbeing topics, held at Nakheel communities across Dubai. These events will provide access to local, regional and international experts sharing evidence-based knowledge and choices on how to improve our lifestyle.


This concept is focused to bring an understanding of the value of a quality lifestyle, increased life energy and further experiencing how to achieve healthy longevity.

As such, LiveWell with Nakheel begins from where we live, bringing together communities.


Guest speaker

Dr Melanie Schlatter and Irina Sharma


Guest speaker

Dr. Harald Stossier, Max Fardan and Irina Sharma

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Guest speaker

Sports Scientist Michael Omann and Irina Sharma

December 2022

Eat to Beat Your Diet

5:00pm – 6:00pm (GST)  

Virtual Masterclass

Guest speaker

Dr. William Li and Irina Sharma

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Irina Sharma, Dr Nas Al Jafari, Asma Baker and Abdulla Lutfi

The Experience

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