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Mind Health

Date: Saturday, 24 September

Time: 10:30am till 12:30pm  

Venue: Sal’s Bistro, Jumeirah Islands

Topic: Mind Health

Dress Code: Wear something Pink or Purple

Guest speaker: Dr Melanie Schlatter and Irina Sharma

Youth Advocate: Amina Jilani

Children above the age of 16 are welcome to attend the event

Join us on Saturday, 24 September at Jumeirah Islands for our third LiveWell with Nakheel event – a community health and wellness initiative and a series of monthly live sessions, where each month we explore different well-being topics.


This month, LiveWell Founder and Co-Host of the popular Wellevate Life Podcast, Irina Sharma will be discussing Mind Health with Clinical Health Psychologist Dr. Melanie Schlatter. This open conversation, they will talk about proactive stance of improving, maintaining, and nurturing our mind, to live a healthy and meaningful life.

LiveWell with Nakheel assures a safe space for attendees with similar pain points and challenges to listen, share, learn and gain opportunities to build meaningful connections with others. The attendees will also have a chance to ask questions while enjoying some nourishing Mood Food curated by Sal’s Bistro.

If you are unable to join us or displaying Covid-19 symptoms, you may tune in to our live stream on Instagram @nakheelcommunities.

Meet the speakers

Speaker Image 246x 345 copy.jpg

Dr Melanie Schlatter (PhD)

Health Psychologist

Dr Melanie Schlatter (PhD) is a New Zealand born Health Psychologist and presents a unique advantage to the field of oncology. She works in the area of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) along with the development and use of structured psychological group support programmes for breast cancer patients and has gained rich experience by working at the Well Woman Clinic and the American Hospital Dubai.

Her work involves helping adults cope with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, grief, sleep difficulties, struggles with everyday life, and the initial shock of a disease or illness diagnosis. She is committed to ongoing learning, and primarily uses techniques of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT; ‘Advanced’ and ‘Trauma’ certified), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and supportive therapy modalities. 

Speaker - Irina Sharma-min.jpg

Irina Sharma

“Self- Responsibility is the key to healthy longevity”

Irina Sharma is the Founder of LiveWell and Co-Host of Wellevate Life Podcast, a platform that helps build healthier communities. She holds a Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Coach and was trained under Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier from VIVAMAYR Academy. As a coach her focus is the relationship between nutrition, health & disease. Her work as a health and wellness cultivator in complimentary medicine, environment & movement acts as a fundamental tool that assist in the task of preventing disease and striving for healthy communities.

She has spent her last 20 years working with integrative health practitioners & brands and continues to be “voice of reason”.



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