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Men's Health and Wellbeing

Date: Saturday, 17 June 2023

Timing: 8 AM to 12 PM

Venue: The Coterie, Ibn Battuta Mall (Above Precision Football)
Parking: Available at P6


Dress Code: A hint of sky blue 

Click here for directions to the location.

Activity: Morning Movement with Coach MJ

Time: 8 AM to 9 AM

Topic: Men's Health and Wellbeing

Main speaker: Irina Sharma, Co-curator of LiveWell with Nakheel 

Guest speakers​: Adil Hussain, Founder of BrotherhoodDXB, and Dr. Melanie Schlatter, Clinical Health Psychologist, American Hospital Dubai

Let's talk Men's Health and Wellbeing 

LiveWell with Nakheel is a community wellbeing initiative was launched in June of 2022 with the focus on providing residents with access to renowned global healthcare experts, who share their valuable insights into making smarter choices that enhance our well-being.

This month, we celebrate the men in our lives along with LiveWell with Nakheel turning ONE.


June is the International Men’s Health Awareness Month and we will share and exchange best practices, knowledge, and health tips on boys' and men’s nutrition, lifestyle diseases along with integrative preventive practices for a well-rounded physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.


We will kickstart the day with a 50-minutes session of Morning Movement with Coach MJ, while focusing on basic movements to build strength, burn a bit of energy & feel great. 

While discussions on male wellbeing maybe significantly under-represented, Irina Sharma will steer a discussion that will highlight the social pressures of self-reliance and self-sufficiency that men feel. At this inclusive community conversation,  we want to shine a light on topics such as mind shifts in traditional masculinity and modern thinking, myths around strict gender roles and norms along with pressures and perspectives among men. We will also delve into women’s impact on the lives of their fathers, male colleagues, friends, uncles, brothers, husbands, and sons, how to understand and communicate with them better.


Let's come together to make a change to statistics like the below amongst our near and dear ones:
•    Men live 4.4 years less than women

•    The leading three reasons for decreased life span are: cardiovascular disease, suicide, and motor vehicle accidents
•    70% of developmental and learning disabilities affect boys

Self-care is where one can start and so we shed light on the importance of nutrition, exercise, and mental health to prevent diseases, plus ways of seeking help. It doesn't stop with that, as we have our ever-engaging question and answer session with the speakers.

Limited spots are available. Please register to secure your spot.

NOTE: While we would like to reserve a majority of the seats for our adult attendees, children above 10 years are welcome too, under the supervision of adults.​

Meet the Speakers

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Irina Sharma

“Self-responsibility is the key to healthy longevity.”

Irina Sharma is the Co- curator of LiveWell with Nakheel and Host & Co-Founder of Wellevate Life Podcast, a platform that helps build healthier communities. She holds a Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Coach and was trained under Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier from VIVAMAYR Academy. As a coach, her focus is the relationship between nutrition, health & disease. Her work as a health and wellness cultivator in complimentary medicine, environment & movement acts as a fundamental tool that assist in the task of preventing disease and striving for healthy communities.

She has spent her last 20 years working with integrative health practitioners & brands and continues to be a “voice of reason”.

Speakers Images 512x767 Adil.jpg

Adil Hussain

Founder of BrotherhoodDXB

Adil is a renowned masculinity and mindset coach, specialising in guiding men towards personal transformation and empowerment. With his extensive experience and expertise, he has helped countless individuals break free from limiting beliefs, redefine their masculinity, and realise their full potential.

Having spent over a decade working for the UK Government, Adil made a pivotal career shift to focus on coaching, becoming a men's coach, life coach, personal trainer, and motivational speaker. He integrates various modalities such as NLP, mindfulness, meditation, physical fitness, and biohacking into his coaching approach.  

Adil is the host of the Man Cave Project Podcast and the founder of BrotherhoodDXB, a men’s group in Dubai centred on creating a safe space to express, connect and grow together.

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Dr. Melanie Schlatter

Clinical Health Psychologist, American Hospital Dubai 

Dr. Melanie Schlatter is a Clinical Health Psychologist from New Zealand, who has been practicing in Dubai for more than 16 years. Her decision to relocate to Dubai was driven by her observation of a significant need for psychological support services in the healthcare community. Presently, she is affiliated with the departments of Oncology and Psychiatry at the American Hospital Dubai. Her academic background includes university teaching experience and several published journal articles. Melanie is a strong advocate for the normalization of seeking psychological services. She recognizes the crucial role that psychological wellbeing plays and she strives to ensure that this aspect of care is incorporated into the overall standardized care plan in hospitals.



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