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Hair and Skin Health

Date: Saturday, 29 April

Timing: 9 AM to 12 PM

Venue: Sal's Bistro, Jumeirah Islands

Dress Code: Sage

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Main speaker: Irina Sharma, Co-curator of LiveWell with Nakheel 

Guest speakers:

  • Uma Ghosh, Holistic Beauty Educator/Entrepreneur 

  • Charlotte Mahaini, Hair Specialist at Harklinikken, Dubai


Topic: Hair and Skin Health 


LiveWell with Nakheel hosts monthly well-being initiatives at different locations, giving participants access to a wealth of information and tips shared by global experts. This month, Co-curator of LiveWell with Nakheel & Integrative Health Coach, Irina Sharma will talk about hair & skin health with Charlotte Mahaini and Uma Ghosh. 


Hair is far more complex than it appears on the surface. We all know that it not only plays a vital role in the appearance of both men and women, but also helps transmit sensory information.

Beauty is often perceived as skin deep and yes; it is what is on the 'inside' that counts. Our insides are certainly important, but skin is your first layer of defense against the outside world. The skin is capable of giving us important clues to our overall health.

Irina, Charlotte & Uma will cover the holistic approach to hair & skin. A holistic health simply means looking at and treating something as a whole, and not just parts of it. It acknowledges that our environment and inner imbalances (physical, emotional, or mental) can have serious consequences on our hair and skin. Thus, we need to take everything into account if we would like to restore that balance.

Come and experience how overall health affects hair and skin, and learn ways to nurture it inside out.

Limited spots are available. Please register to secure your spot.

NOTE: While we would like to reserve a majority of the seats for our adult attendees, children above 10 years are welcome too, under the supervision of adults.

Meet the Speakers

Speaker - Irina Sharma-min.jpg

Irina Sharma

“Self-responsibility is the key to healthy longevity.”

Irina Sharma is the Co- curator of LiveWell with Nakheel and Host & Co-Founder of Wellevate Life Podcast, a platform that helps build healthier communities. She holds a Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Coach and was trained under Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier from VIVAMAYR Academy. As a coach, her focus is the relationship between nutrition, health & disease. Her work as a health and wellness cultivator in complimentary medicine, environment & movement acts as a fundamental tool that assist in the task of preventing disease and striving for healthy communities.

She has spent her last 20 years working with integrative health practitioners & brands and continues to be a “voice of reason”.

UMA Gosh FINALS-0002.jpg

Uma Ghosh (@umaghosh)

Holistic Beauty Educator/Entrepreneur 

Uma Ghosh is a Dubai based award winning former TV producer/ presenter and now a certified health and holistic beauty educator and entrepreneur.

Uma started her journey into health and wellness and became a certified health and wellness coach. She educates, serves and creates awareness through her various platforms and online courses healing skin issues naturally, face yoga, face massage and many other workshops on holistic beauty modalities.

Uma’s name has become synonymous with health, holistic beauty, fitness, clean eating and wellness and an eternal optimist. Uma is a certified IIN holistic Health coach, Certified in Sculptural facelift, facial Gua Sha, facial reflexology and many more holistic beauty modalities. Uma has her own line of beauty tools – Uma Ghosh Beauty Tools. Uma recently ventured out to into educating professionals too with her Academy Pro-Age Aesthetics Academy.  

Charlotte Mahaini Hair Specialist  portfolio shot.PNG

Charlotte Mahaini

Hair Specialist

Charlotte Mahaini is a certified Health coach and joined Harklinikken in Dubai 7 years ago as a Hair Specialist. She was educated and trained by Lars Skjøth, the founder and Lead Researcher of Harklinikken.

She treats hair loss and hair thinning with natural products through a specific customization. Harklinikken has helped more than 100,000 clients around the world with clinics in Denmark, Iceland, Dubai, Florida. Charlotte believes that hair identifies us and is part of our identity and self-image, including the way we see ourselves and the way others see us. Being a Hair specialist at Harklinikken makes her feel rewarded with smiles and happy clients every day. 


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