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Happiness and Wellbeing

Date: Saturday, 29 July 2023

Timing: 9 AM to 12 PM

Venue: IL Passaggio - Pavilion 2, Jumeirah Park

Click Here​ for location.


Dress Code: A hint of yellow 

Topic: Happiness and Wellbeing

Main speaker: Irina Sharma, Co-curator of LiveWell with Nakheel 

Guest speakers​:

Dr Nas Al Jafari, Functional Medicine Practitioner,

Asma Baker, Artist and Motivational Speaker

Abdulla Lutfi, Artist and Entrepreneur

Let's talk Happiness and Wellbeing

The LiveWell with Nakheel initiative was launched in June 2022, aiming to provide the community with access to renowned global healthcare experts who share valuable insights on enhancing well-being through smarter choices.

Happiness has been a subject of interest across centuries, and it continues to captivate researchers in various social, political, and economic fields. In recent times, happiness has gained widespread acceptance and is valued more than the pursuit of wealth, moral goodness, or diets. Consequently, numerous studies have focused on understanding happiness and well-being over the past three decades.

Join us on July 29th for LiveWell with Nakheel, where individuals from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and interests will contribute their unique perspectives to our discussion on happiness, enriching our society. We will explore the concept of happiness and its significance through the lens of joy, well-being, pleasure, satisfaction, and contentment. Happiness is influenced by various factors, both external and internal. Co-curator of LiveWell with Nakheel, Irina Sharma, will share philosophical, physiological, and personal viewpoints on happiness and its role in our health and well-being.

The talk will explore the following topics:

  • Defining happiness: Can we arrive at a clear definition?

  • Practices for cultivating happiness: Strategies to enhance our well-being.

  • Exploring life, love, and happiness in autistic adults.

  • Prioritizing health or happiness: Which should come first?

  • The role of happiness hormones in our well-being.

  • Examining studies and research on happiness.

Limited spots are available. Please register to secure your spot.

NOTE: While we would like to reserve a majority of the seats for our adult attendees, children above 10 years are welcome too, under the supervision of adults.​

Meet the Speakers

Speakers Images 512x767 Irina.jpg

Irina Sharma

Co-curator of LiveWell with Nakheel

“Self-responsibility is the key to healthy longevity.”

Irina Sharma is the Co- curator of LiveWell with Nakheel and Host & Co-Founder of Wellevate Life Podcast, a platform that helps build healthier communities. She holds a Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Coach and was trained under Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier from VIVAMAYR Academy. As a coach, her focus is the relationship between nutrition, health & disease. Her work as a health and wellness cultivator in complimentary medicine, environment & movement acts as a fundamental tool that assist in the task of preventing disease and striving for healthy communities.

She has spent her last 20 years working with integrative health practitioners & brands and continues to be a “voice of reason”.

Dr.Nas web.jpg

Dr Nas Al Jafari

Functional Medicine Practitioner
Co-Host Wellevate Life Podcast

Dr. Nas is originally from the UK where he trained as an allopathic doctor. Now based in Dubai since 2015, he is the Medical Director of DNA Health Clinic & Co-Host of Wellevate Life Podcast. Dr. Nas’s particular focus is in modifying lifestyle factors, optimizing long-term health and prevention of chronic disease. As a Functional Medical Practitioner, he offers a broad scope of cutting-edge treatment strategies for both adults and children, ranging from diabetes and obesity through to autism and dementia.

Abdulla Lutfi pic 01.jpg

Abdulla Lutfi

Artist and Entrepreneur

Abdulla Lutfi is a multilayered and talented artist on the spectrum, known for his monochromatic language on canvas. His detailed renderings tell multiple stories on a single canvas, often juxtaposing people of the U.A.E. with the country's skylines. Despite his young age, Abdulla has had successful solo exhibitions, collaborations with renowned brands, and his art displayed at notable venues. He actively contributes to society through workshops and demonstrations. Abdulla's achievements include awards, participation in international events, and launching his NFT collection. He aims to promote inclusion for people of determination through his art.

Asma pic01.jpg

Asma Baker

Artist and Motivational Speaker

Asma, a 34-year-old artist and motivational speaker, is known for her diverse talents as a poet, entrepreneur, and writer of short stories. Her short story "A Case Unsolved" gained recognition when it was published in the book 'Traveler's Tales.' Asma recently released her poetry book titled "Heart & Mind," which reflects her life experiences. Working from her studio, 'Next Chapter,' in Dubai, Asma has actively participated in events such as the Abu Dhabi Special Olympics and has given speeches promoting tolerance and inclusion. She has collaborated with prestigious brands and showcased her artworks at various exhibitions. Asma's creations include the popular 'Little Heart People' artworks and a coloring book. She has been recognized as a speaker and performer at several literary and creative events. Asma's dedication lies in advocating for the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities, aiming to create a more inclusive world.


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