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Good Health

Date: Saturday, 29 October

Venue: Myrra Restaurant, Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeirah


Activity: Outdoor Yoga session by Norah

Time: 7:30am to 8:30am  

Topic: Good Health

Time: 9am to 11am  

Dress Code: Think pink or blue

Guest speaker: Dr. Harald Stossier, Max Fardan and Irina Sharma

Children above the age of 7 are welcome to attend the event

Join us on Saturday, 29 October at Palm Jumeirah for the fourth event of LiveWell with Nakheel – a community health and wellness initiative and a series of monthly live sessions, exploring different well-being topics every month.

Start your day with an uplifting morning yoga session on the beach with fitness enthusiasts. The session is suitable for all ability levels. 

Following that, LiveWell Founder and co-host of the popular Wellevate Life Podcast, Irina Sharma will be discussing the benefits of Good Health with Founder of Modern Mayr Medicine Dr. Harald Stossier and male breast cancer survivor, fashion model Max Fardan. In this open conversation, they will discuss healthy longevity, nutrition and breast cancer. 

LiveWell with Nakheel assures a safe space for attendees with similar pain points and challenges everyone to listen, share, learn and gain opportunities to build meaningful connections with others. The attendees will also have a chance to ask questions while enjoying some breakfast treats courtesy of Myrra Restaurant. (Limited seating !)

If you are unable to join us, please tune in to our live stream on Instagram @nakheelcommunities

If you are joining us for the Dubai 30x30 challenge kick off with yoga, kindly arrive at the location by 7:15am to pick up your yoga mat. 
If you are joining us for the Good Health talk and breakfast, kindly arrive at the restaurant by 8:30am


Meet the speakers


Professor Dr. Harald Stossier 

General Practitioner

“You are not what you eat, you are what you digest”

Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier is an Austrian General Practitioner in the field of functional myodiagnostics - applied kinesiology, complimentary medicine, orthomolecular and environment medicine.

Founder of Modern Mayr - Medicine, Medical Director of the VIVAMAYR Maria Worth Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine (2004 – 2021) and author of 12 books, it was Dr Stossier who headed the policy making in EU in 1985 to legalize and recognize complimentary medicine Modern Mayr- Medicine applies an integration of different treatments that help in treating many civilisations diseases (ailments) such as allergies, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cancer to name a few.

Modern Mayr Medicine focuses on re-activating the body’s self-healing powers and restoring its energy levels. Over the last 15 years he has opened Satellite Centre’s in US, Russia, UAE, India, Turkey & UK. Currently he is bringing the principles of Modern Mayr-Medicine to Armenia at his new medical center Modern Mayr Dilijan, opening early 2023.

Speaker - Irina Sharma-min.jpg

Irina Sharma

“Self- Responsibility is the key to healthy longevity”

Irina Sharma is the Founder of LiveWell and Co-Host of Wellevate Life Podcast, a platform that helps build healthier communities. She holds a Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Coach and was trained under Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier from VIVAMAYR Academy. As a coach her focus is the relationship between nutrition, health & disease. Her work as a health and wellness cultivator in complimentary medicine, environment & movement acts as a fundamental tool that assist in the task of preventing disease and striving for healthy communities.

She has spent her last 20 years working with integrative health practitioners & brands and continues to be “voice of reason”.

max fardan.jpg

Max Fardan 

Fashion model, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and male breast cancer survivor. His journey is a testimony of faith and positivity. His flair for fashion can be seen in his newly launched fashion brand called Max Fardan.


Norah (@BlissYogaByNorah)

Norah is a certified yoga instructor, specialized in Therapeutic Hatha Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal yoga, Aerial yoga, Aqua Yoga.

For Norah, yoga is about the balance between strength and flexibility. Her sessions combine both strength and mobility



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